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It's Paula again. 
I've been working on some things, mainly lap blankets and lots of scarves. I know my work isn't the best, but practice makes perfect right?
Oh that reminds me, I'll be opening up for commissions soon. The money will go to bills and caring for my uncle, remember I moved from Florida to take care of him? Well I'm going back to school full time, so while I'm going, I figured I might take a few commissions. Again, this is all in the works. But I will posting something very important to me after Thanksgiving. Bare with me until it is posted <3 
I'll try to take pictures of the things I've been working on, good natural light pictures and post them. 

- I know I am way behind on sending my trade items out and I do apologize. Those items will be sent out after Thanksgiving. Hopefully in the first week of December. So keep an eye out <3 
-Feel free to send me a note on your ideas. I'll need tips on pricing and such. 
Feel free to note me anytime actually, I adore hearing from you all!

Now off to bed, so I can get up for 6am. -.-


  • Watching: Game Of Thrones, Season 1 Episode 6.
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale.
Connies-Corner Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013

I've been crocheting, and knitting for a long time. Everybody has to practice, and keep practicing. You seem to be doing well. In fact you should try making you're own ruffle scarves since you like mine. They're fun to make, and very colorful. I prefer crocheting them to knitting but you can go either way. If you knit though, use bamboo not anything slippery because it slides off too easily.

Hope everything works out for you.

CoopiBella Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I take care of my parents and I know how demanding and hard it can be... good for you for keeping some time for yourself. I hope school works out :D Can't wait for your next post <3
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